'MAD SCIENTIST' DAD from Shelby Township
Shares why most people have a trust that is COMPLETLY useless....is yours?
What you don't know CAN hurt you when it comes to passing your nest-egg to those you love.  Find out who needs a will and trust and more importantly - WHO DOESN'T!


March 9th at 6:30 pm
March 11th at 6:30 pm
March 30th at 6:30 pm
April 1st at 6:30 pm 
at Filippa's in Utica
During This FREE Live Training:
  • Why a Will is Not Enough:  A will is just a letter to the probate Judge detailing your wishes....but the Judge can do whatever they want! And if you have no will at all, the government will create one for you...yikes!
  • ​​The ONLY way to make sure ALL your wishes are known after you pass (and while you're alive too) is to get a trust: Maybe you remember the secret life of Charles Kuralt, host of 'On the Road'.  Half of his estate went to a girlfriend.  Or how about the Terry Schiavo case?  She suffered brain damage from cardiac arrest and was incapacitated for 15 years while her husband and family fought!
  • Why sharing ownership with your children can cause the ultimate nightmare scenario.   Yes, putting your children as co-owners will help smooth the process of passing on those assets.  But wait till you hear what nightmare scenario this almost always causes!  It practically eliminates one of the largest tax breaks given!
About the Presenter
Dan Casey
'Mad Scientist' Dad
As a best-selling author and Tedx speaker, Dan is able to speak nationwide with his revolutionary way of arranging retirement assets to pay little to no taxes.
  • Tedx Speaker
  • Best Selling Author
  • Contributor to Larry King's book, "The Big Question"
You're Not Alone...
Jerry loves being a 'Tax Hacker'!
Thanks Dan....you're the MAN I appreciate the help.  I think it was a god send to run across your promo on the tax laws, Roth, and 7702....I think it was meant to be! - Jerry
I really, really appreciate him (Dan) using me as an example (on a coaching call).  I feel I have direction and I am not as stressed knowing this will work for me, if I follow his directions.  Thanks Dan, I don't feel as afraid to do this.
- Betty S
I am a 51 year old retired public school principal, currently working as the CEO of a nonprofit.  I have a state pension and a small amount saved in a 403b and Roth.  I'm married with 4 kids two are still in college, living in a condo I purchased with the help of a HELOC.  

I have never sought the help of a Financial Planner and your videos have me realizing how unprepared I am for the tax implications of retirement.  Thank you!
- Doug K

Jana says, "Kudo's to Dan!"

My husband and I plan to retire in 4-5 years. We’ve always been strong savers, and it’s easy to find info in books/internet on how to build wealth during the working years. 

However, I have found it very difficult to get much info on how to best spend down that wealth. There are so many “moving parts”: pension, Social Security, Medicare, deferred accounts, taxable accounts, Roth IRAs, taxes, etc. It’s hard to get a handle on how everything fits together between mandatory distributions and complex tax codes.

I am an analytical person, but have found it to be mind-boggling!

The Tax Hacking Master Class videos and worksheets have helped me understand the impact taxes will have on our 401k money. I knew our RMDs would be large, but was shocked to see the impact they will have on not only our income taxes, but on extra taxes for Social Security and Medicare benefits. The customizable Excel spreadsheet is great because I can model different scenarios myself and see the changes to our future taxes. It allows me to tweak things like how much to convert to Roth IRAs and when to start taking Social Security.

I really appreciate Dan Casey’s live webcast coaching. He holds it once a week and works through examples submitted from members of the Tax Hacking class. I recently submitted our numbers, and Dan talked me through various potential scenarios for converting money into our Roth IRAs over the next several years. I will take his input and run the models to see what works best for us and what we’re most comfortable with. (I realize I still need to work with our tax guy on any final numbers, but this gives me a chance to know all the angles.)

Thank you for your program, Dan. I read financial books and listen to financial podcasts to glean information, but they either don’t go deep enough or they speak mumbo-jumbo that I can’t follow. You have taken the mystery out it. Your classes are taught in plain English, and you make the concepts easy to understand. It has been money well spent!
“Jane W”

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